Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 361- Following Instruction

Day 361- Following Instruction

As a child I remember my mother correcting me when I did something wrong. I also remember thinking to myself, “Well, why can’t I do that…?” (Whatever that was at the moment). I always thought she was just being mean or did not want me to have any fun; however, what I did not know at the time was she was telling me “No” because she loved me.

Now, today as a parent I find myself repeating the same words to my children that I promised myself  I would never say. I always told myself I will never be like my mom. I will be a nice mother and I will let my children do “ALL” the things I never got to do when I was a child.  Funny, how as an adult we tend to (eat) the words of our childhood and sometimes choke on them.

Day 361, was one of those days for me. I spent the majority of the day instructing my children on what they could and could not do and as expected the series of why questions followed each correction.  “Why can’t I play outside after dark? … Why can’t I stay up later? … Why does he get to do that and I don’t? … Why, Why, Why …” In the midst of my frustration and lack of patience I failed to ‘Explain the reasons Why’ to them. Instead I was barking orders in an effort to accomplish all the tasks left to be completed before bed. My mind was so focused on what needed to be done and having to prepare for the next day I failed to share with my children all the reasons behind there why’s. 

A quick logical explanation that playing after dark is dangerous and cars cannot see you would of made more sense to them than “Because I said so,” or letting them know that staying up late will keep them from focusing at school the following day and that they may fall asleep in class if they did not get enough rest that night.  Theses answers and all the other answers to the questions our children have are simple enough to understand, so why do we forget so many times to teach our children the reason behind the “Why’s?”

Just think if God did that to us…  If God forgot to explain why we should not sin and just told us “No, don’t do that,” what would we have learned? I know I would want to figure out "Well, why not ...?" In fact I know I have went against my parents instruction a time or two …. (OK, more times than that) just to learn a lesson the hard way, which could have been avoided by listening. Our parents are here for a reason and although not all parents have the rights answers or follow the right path; fortunately, for us God does.

God gives us a foundation to follow and instructions for making our life easier … The infamous manual everyone has always spoke of for parenting, relationships, marriage, family, etc… It is all written in his Word so we may live a life of less frustration, anxiousness, and confusion. Instead we could live a life of  peace in love and in love there is patience, tolerance, and kindness.  The mystery is really not a mystery and the questions all have answers; however, we have to ask.

Matthew 5:1-2 (NIV, ©2010)

Now when Jesus saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to him,  and he began to teach them.

Therefore, today I will ask the questions I want answers to and explain to my loved one's the reason for the instruction … In hopes that one day when I am no longer around they will go to their Father in Heaven and ask him directly and know that he loves them even when he says "No."

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